DAC (Door Access Control) solution for West London High School, with bespoke steel pedestals and gate integration.

“DWM’s bespoke solution

ensured we installed

cutting edge kit with a

highly design-led aesthetic”

Lady Margaret School


Lady Margaret School realised the building of a brand new entrance as part of a multi-million pound grant from the LA, which facilitated both a new building and entrance. Previously possessing no Door Access Control (DAC) system, the client understood the need to install a suitable system to cater for the increased pupil intake and to ease sign-in, as well as offering more data for at-a-glance access to present pupil numbers/ visitors.


DWM presented the use of a PAXTON DAC system which would enable use of purpose built identity cards. These would allow access through all of the main entrances where a card reader was located, linked with a supported database to ensure a record of who is present and not is documented. Having previously installed an Avigilon CCTV system we were aware of the need to link between the Door Access Control system and the IPCCTV. This would allow, when fully configured, a user’s movements to be tracked with the CCTV system if needed.

DWM also faced the task of ensuring the DAC card readers were in-line with the newly introduced design aesthetic of the recently constructed entrance. DWM ensured this through designing bespoke card reader stands, made of brushed stainless steel to enhance the look of the entrance and to merge the cutting edge technology housed within the stands translating the classical modern design language of the entrance.