Preparation for office shut downs, working from home solutions

News - March 13th 2020

Author Jonathan Choy

The pandemic that is Covid-19 is having massive effects on many walks of life: education, business, finance etc. With many countries, organisations and companies taking different views with regards to isolation, travel and working from home it’s often hard to plan in advance and know what you should do.


Whilst we can’t comment on best practices from a medical standpoint, we can certainly recommend preparing for the eventuality of having your workforce working from home. Obviously securing the productivity of your staff, and ensuring they have access to all they need to be able to help them deliver their workload can be prepared for. Utilising existing communication platforms, for instance Teams if in an Office 365 environment makes perfect sense and will allow for the facilitation of Video Conferencing calls from a known and used platform. If you do not currently have any UC (Unified Comms) platform in place, DWM are here to be able to guide you to the best fit product and solution for you and your team.

With many UC providers now offering their top-tier video collaboration products free of charge to existing users up until the middle of the year to help aid companies and workers in the current climate, the question is not really how much you have to spend, but how much you have to learn. Procuring and installing a product is not the onerous element, but ensuring your staff are fully capable and knowledgeable in the use of that product is key.

DWM are able to offer a full solution offering, from initial consultancy, hardware assessment, installation, integration and training. In the event of an element already being in place, we are able to provide a mixture of the aforementioned services. Even if it’s just to secure a webcam to aid professionalism (which DWM have secure stocks of), feel free to give us a call to discuss how best to proactively or retroactively ensure your workforce are able to work from home and ensure the continuity and turnover of your business.


If you would like to find out more information about Working from Home solutions please contact one of our experienced consultants on 01234 779040 or submit your enquiry via our online form or email us at and we will get in touch shortly.