DWM invited to participate in AV Magazine’s

prestigious Executive Roundtable in London.

News - February 11th 2020

AV Magazine’s latest Roundtable event took place in London, December 2019. The topic of discussion included the challenges both the AV + IT industries now face as the integration of technologies have increasingly become essential for businesses requirements.


DWM Technical solutions product specialist Jonathan Choy was invited to join the panel in this Roundtable discussion, alongside some industry giants Google, Deloitte and Barclays. The Roundtable session started with the panel discussing the challenges and solutions involved through to AV everywhere, the human factors and focus on users. When thoughts turned to the human factors involved Jonathan Choy says, “We’re massive fans of phased deployment. Our online project template automatically includes refresh so whether they have money or not, the requirement for replacement is visible.”


AV Magazine published an article on the Roundtable discussions within their February 2020 magazine edition, titling the 3 page spread ” TWO WORLDS COLLIDE.” View Digital Edition (page 60-63) >


One-to-one interviews were also conducted to discuss The challenging assumptions about AV + IT >