In Partnership with GoBright

DWM hold Accredited Partner status with GoBright, and have staff trained on both installation & commissioning, and end-user training. DWM have supported and sold GoBright since the brands launch into the UK. As a multi-device accessible platform, training will be key to ensure successful user adoption. Having knowledge of a company’s existing workflows, hardware and software ensures specifically directed training for staff.

GoBright Products


Interested in a GoBright Room Booking & Management Solution for your business?

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Why GoBright?

DWM partner with GoBright due to their smart, user friendly Room Booking & Management solutions.

GoBright’s mission is to meet the needs of organisations that are accepting a new style of working, where employees are coming to the office to work together and meet guests instead of just coming to work, that can be done in any place or at any time. GoBright meets these needs by creating availability and supporting employees with three accessible concepts for Meet, Work and Visit Management. So that they can do their work smartly, pleasantly and efficiently. Due to better use by employees, data from usage becomes completer and more reliable. Data that can be used to manage and adjust, make more efficient use of rooms and workplaces and save costs and energy.