Privacy Policy

The upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, May 2018) is setup to replace and supersede the DPA (Data Protection Act). As a responsible and conformant IT Solutions provider, DWM are fully cognisant of the changes which need to be made to how data is processed, handled and accessed and the implications this will have on current business processes and behaviour.

To this regard, DWM have already taken a full review and audit of our processes and behaviours, and are underway with a project to ensure GDPR compliance:

All internal process are being amended and refined to adopt recommended best-practice GDPR guidelines

Both on-site and cloud data management procedures are being audited to ensure we meet all regulations

Due to the services offered, DWM collect a limited amount of personally identifiable information (PII), but only that necessary to fulfil our service expectation and job requirements. DWM will ensure that we responsibly facilitate the handling of any personal data we hold for or on behalf of our clients

DWM have appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Project Lead to ensure GDPR requirements are not only initially met but sustained and continuously updated to follow the spirit and letter of the GDPR

All relevant staff will undergo training appropriate to their role and access / management of PII and client data

Once the above elements have been finalized we will be sending out statements to all clients highlighting our updated policies and processes which are relevant

Ensuring our clients feel safe and secure using our services is integral to our way of doing business, and data protection and privacy is an integral part of this. We want all our clients to make best use of the myriad services offered safe in the knowledge that DWM’s adherence and commitment to the GDPR ensures their privacy and security.

If you have any questions concerning DWM and GDPR, please contact us on 01234 779040 to discuss further.


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