London Luton Airport Railway

DWM are overjoyed to have been engaged to design and perform critical network infrastructure, IP Systems enabling and migration works aspects to pave the way for exciting new expansion plans at the London Luton Airport campus. The enabling works programme will allow London Luton Airport and Luton Borough Council to progress with exciting new expansion plans including the proposed LLA Railway, run way expansion scheme, and the second Multistory Car Park. London Luton Airport Limited has announced plans to build a new 24-hour light rail link between Luton Airport Parkway station and the airport terminal, marking another crucial milestone in the transformation of the airport.

This new service is due to be operational in 2020 and will make it easier and quicker for passengers to reach the airport terminal, improving the journey for more than 2 million passengers who presently travel to London Luton Airport (LLA) by train.