Energy Management

Offering the best-designed energy management solutions, including energy metering, power factor correction and Energy efficiency, DWM can help you to get the results you require.

To maximise your installation’s energy performance, we will ensure you receive the best tariffs, verify energy bills, limit reactive energy and measure energy consumption.

Energy consumption measuring and centralisation
With a high performance system for the measuring of ‘real consumption’ of water, gas, electricity etc, we ensure the efficient control of energy costs with exact measurement and central monitoring of the energy sources. You can receive a better overview of your energy consumption by using the VERTELIS software programme and monitoring the control panel and indicators. Abnormal situations are alerted and enable full evaluation.

Minimising energy bills
Costly dysfunctions can be detected through the precise, timely measurement and analysis of energy consumption. We can help you save up to 30% of your energy bill by modifying certain consumption practices on energy-intensive processes.

Demonstrating your ‘Green’ credentials
VERTELIS will display your results to colleagues which will encourage them to join in the eco-responsible practices. You can communicate your future ambitions, feature them in your annual reports and generally show you care about energy performance.

Improving and preserving energy performance for your facilities
Our consultants are available for audits of installations right through to the implementation and commissioning of a solution to provide the best impact.

Increasing the value of your property portfolio
Detecting dysfunctions in a building is paramount before upgrading or renovating. By obtaining the most up to date and demanding certifications you will greatly increase the value of property assets and facilitate renting or resale. By meeting these objectives, the VERTELIS software shows how you comply with energy-saving regulations.

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