National Book Tokens

DWM are aware that Schools find it difficult to keep up with the constant resource demands placed upon them with the limited funds available and are always looking for new ways in which we can help, so we have teamed up with National Book Tokens and introduced our new scheme “Vouchers for Schools”.

Vouchers for Schools is a scheme aimed at helping to raise additional funds for School books/e-books and book related products for Schools in Bedfordshire.

When DWM are instructed to carry out an installation for a School’s network requirement, we will reward that School £1.00 for every full £100.00 (Net) paid to us in the form of gift cards as a “thank you” for using our services.

These gift cards can be redeemed against books and book related products in virtually every bookshop in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, over 3000 outlets in total. Including Waterstone’s, WHSmith (ex Airport locations), Blackwell, Borders, Books Etc, British Bookshops, Easons, John Smith, Foyles, Wesley Owen and local independent bookshops. To find your local bookshop please use the Stockist Search.

National Book Tokens




Frequently asked questions

Q1: Who is eligible for the scheme?
Every Bedfordshire school that directly instructs DWM Technical Solutions to carry out their network installation requirements is eligible to participate in the Vouchers for School Scheme, providing their requirement is worth over £100.00 + vat.

Q2: Can I claim National Book Tokens via a third party/contractor?
No. Unfortunately we can only issue National Book Tokens directly to the School who have placed the order with DWM and paid DWM directly for the works to be carried out.

Q3: Can I earn National Book Tokens against a Maintenance Contract?
No. Unfortunately DWM are unable to offer National Book Tokens against a Maintenance Contract.

Q4: Will I be charged to participate in the scheme?
No. This scheme is free of charge to the School. DWM Technical Solutions will purchase gift cards from National Book Tokens and reward these to the School as a free of charge gift.

Q5: Is there a required minimum spend?
Yes. The required minimum spend is £100.00 + vat as the minimum gift card denomination that can be earned is £1.00.

Q6: How much will my school earn?
Your school will earn £1.00 for every full £100.00 (Net) paid to DWM.

Q7: Is there a maximum I can earn?
No. Gift cards will be paid for every full £100.00 (Net) paid to DWM.

Q8: How will I receive my Book Tokens?
Gift cards will be posted to a valid UK School postal address only. We cannot deliver to residential or PO Box addresses.

Q9: When will I receive my Book Tokens?
We will post your gift card to you upon full payment of your invoice.

Q10: Where can National Book Tokens be exchanged?
National Book Tokens gift cards can be exchanged in bookshops across the UK and Ireland. This includes Waterstones, WH Smith (excluding Travel outlets in stations and Airport locations), Blackwell, Easons, John Smith, Foyles and local independent bookshops.
National Book Tokens gift cards can also be redeemed online at But please note, National Book Tokens Gift Cards cannot currently be redeemed on the WH Smith or Waterstones websites. Also, they cannot be redeemed in supermarkets, or on Amazon or To find your local bookshop please use the Stockist Search.

Q11: Can National Book Tokens be used to buy books online?
National Book Tokens gift cards can be bought and redeemed online at If you wish to redeem several National Book Tokens Gift Cards for use on the Hive website, they will need to be consolidated onto one card. Please email your card numbers to
National Book Tokens gift cards cannot be bought or redeemed on Amazon or

Q12: What can National Book Tokens be exchanged for?
National Book Tokens can be exchanged for all kinds of books, from bestselling new fiction to reference and school textbooks, as well as maps.

Q13: Can National Book Tokens be used to purchase ebooks?
National Book Tokens gift cards can be used to purchase ebooks on the Indie eBook Shop at and the Hive website at These eBooks can be read on most types of eReader and with most eReading Apps, however eBooks for Kindle eReaders can only be bought from Amazon.

Q14: Can National Book Tokens be used to purchase ebook readers?
National Book Tokens cannot be used to buy ebook readers. They are designed for, and restricted to, use on books (this includes ebooks).

Q15: Do National Book Token Gift Cards have an expiry date?
If your Gift Card is not used for a period of 24 consecutive months it will expire and you will not be able to use the value on it. It is current policy to replace expired gift cards (conditions apply). Visit National Book Tokens website for further information. To ensure that a Gift Card remains active, you either need to use it to purchase a book, have it topped up or simply do a balance enquiry.

Q16: Can change be given for a National Book Token?
If you have a GIFT CARD, and the value of your purchase is less than the value on the card, the balance remains on the card for future purchases. They cannot be exchanged for cash in bookshops and change will not be given.

Q17: How do I use my National Book Token Gift Card?
Simply take your gift card to the till and use it as you would any gift voucher. The bookshop will deduct your purchase amount from the gift card’s value and give the gift card back to you. The gift card can be used any number of times until all the balance is used.

Q18: How much money can be put on a National Book Token Gift Card?
National Book Tokens Gift Cards can be loaded with any amount from a minimum of £1 to a maximum of £250, or €1 to €250 for Euro gift cards in the Republic of Ireland.

Q19: Can National Book Token Gift Cards be topped up with value?
Yes, the gift cards can be topped up with any amount up to the maximum value of £250 (or €250 for Euro gift cards), by taking your gift card to your nearest bookshop where you can put more value on it.

Q20: Do I have to spend the entire Gift Card’s value at once?
No, you can spend as much of the gift card’s value as you like, whenever you like, providing your gift card has not expired. Any remaining balance will stay on the gift card until your next purchase.

Q21: How do I check my National Book Token Gift Card’s balance?
You can check your National Book Tokens Gift Card value at any time. You will need your gift card’s PIN for this which can be found on the reverse of the card, in the top right corner under a scratch-off panel. You can check your gift card’s value by using the online Balance Enquiry function, by asking in-store at your nearest bookshop or by phoning 0845 602 7423.

Q22: What do I do if my National Book Token Gift Card is declined?
Your gift card may have expired, or the available balance on the gift card could be less than the purchase amount and you could use another form of payment to pay the difference. Alternatively, it may have been blocked due to fraudulent activity reported on it. Please phone the helpline on 0845 604 1698 for further investigation.

For further information and full terms & conditions, please visit the Nation Book Tokens website.


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