Wireless LAN

Whilst wireless technology began as a convenient way for mobile workers to stay connected while travelling, it has quickly become one of the fastest growing and developing markets. In-depth knowledge of a competitive manufacturer product is key to ensure investment in a wireless LAN provides an effective solution for your needs.

As wireless technology improves in critical areas such as security, reliability and bandwidth, higher education and public sector establishments have begun deploying wireless networks more pervasively throughout their premises, not simply for off-site and in-building mobile workers, but for the entire organisation.

Pervasive networks supporting more users and applications require a wireless network that can scale in performance by providing increased throughput while delivering greater reliability and predictability. Although still not the replacement to fixed cabling, wireless networking is no doubt the future as technology forges forward striving for a cable-free networking world.

Bandwidth available on wireless access point units is ever increasing and features are being enhanced and released due to the overwhelming demand to deliver reliable performance to the mobile user. As technology embraces the idea of the wireless LAN, DWM remain at the forefront of wireless technology to ensure our clients receive only the best advice and solutions to meet their wireless LAN requirements.

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