Non Line of Sight Wireless Bridges

Building to Building links in the form of wireless bridges are now very much in demand as reliability and performance of these integral links are now reaching optimum levels.

The Return of Investment is so attractive it has traditionally been frustrating that the requirement of “Line of sight” has restricted many organisations taking advantage of this potential financial benefit.

It is documented and only 14% of properties that are 500 Metres apart have an optical line of sight path between their roof tops therefore this statistic alone provides some visibility of the potential demand for non-line of sight (NLoS) wireless bridge technology.

In recent years wireless bridge technology has advanced to produce reliable near line of sight and non-line of sight products (NLoS) which can provide an effective solution for organisations wishing to link 2 x separate buildings without being able to achieve line of sight.

As many claimed non line of sight wireless bridge products are hitting the market it is essential that any solution is correctly designed and a full technical survey is undertaken and completed to ensure NLoS offers a viable solution. Further selecting the correct and reliable product remains essential.

True Non Line of Sight RF systems must consider the following elements if they are to operate in a stable non-line-of-sight manner:
• Sufficient power budget
• Demodulator with sufficient dispersion mitigation
• Fading mitigation
• Adaptive link characteristics

DWM have twinned with only the best of breed vendors and have vast experience in the design and implementation of these unique solutions.


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