Line of Sight Wireless Bridges

The use of wireless bridge technology is no longer unique and the market is now flooded with a plethora of offerings to meet organisations available budgets.

Picking your way through these products to ensure you make a sound investment that can provide a reliable and high performing solution that represents a good return on investment is now more daunting than ever.

The vast amount of wireless now occupying congested frequencies is also another major concern therefore ensuring the link environment if correctly surveyed is essential to the success to any wireless bridge deployment. DWM specialise in the design and the deployment of best of breed wireless RF bridges ranging from 100mbps to 1000mbps full duplex solutions.

Our line of sight wireless bridge solutions can also operate in different frequency bands thus ensuring we steer clear of any frequency congestion issues. Our line of sight wireless bridge solutions are both licenced and unlicensed depending on the environment, bandwidth requirement and client specifics.

Key Advantages:
Line of Sight Wireless Bridges

DWM offer free of charge consultancy as we feel that understanding the requirement and the environment in which the link will operate in, is crutial to the success of any line of sight wireless bridge deployment.


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