Point to Point Links

These high-performing and reliable solutions are attractive as they offer excellent investment value through ownership. Integrating a remote site or building via a point-to-point link offers excellent long-term savings as it avoids expensive lease charges which are unavoidable if utilising third party infrastructure.

Where the installation of fixed backbone segments such as fibre optics are not practical, we would always explore the option of integrating a point-to-point link solution to form part of any network infrastructure design.

DWM only select the best manufacturers for our point-to-point link solutions and we understand and embrace that each installation, environment and requirement is different.

We consider many aspects as part of a detailed technical survey and consultancy process. This ensures the point-to-point links we install offer stable and high-performing solutions and that any potential savings can be realised with confidence.

DWM can design and install the following solutions: 

  • Line of sight wireless bridges
  • Non-line of sight wireless bridges
  • Point to multipoint solutions
  • Microwave link (licensed and unlicensed solutions)
  • Free space optics (laser)


Full and comprehensive support and maintenance agreements are available for all our link solutions.

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