Network Security

Without protection, the network may allow some users to access certain files that you do not want them to have access to, or introduce items that could cause harm to your network. DWM Technical Solutions provides intrusion detection and protection, account security, file protection, virus protection and remediation.

We have proven expertise in strategic planning for IT network security measures, including: 

• Network security audits

• Desktop security

• Server security

• IT network security

• Firewall and intrusion detection

• Security policies and standards

• Security of wireless and remote access solutions

• Security compliance and risk assessments

• Internet security

• Email security

• Data protection

• Antivirus strategies and software and virtual private network (VPN)

A virtual private network is used to provide secure, encrypted network communications between a network and a remote host or other remote network over the public Internet. A VPN establishes an encrypted “tunnel” that protects the flow of network traffic from eavesdroppers.

DWM can deploy IP-based VPN technology over the internet. In some cases, a VPN might be hosted on an internal network (intranet) to encrypt sensitive information.

VPN technology is varied, and some issues that we would consider include: 

Network Security

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