DWM is an Avigilon Enterprise Solutions Provider, who have embraced IP CCTV as a necessary and effective network application.

Our networking roots have allowed us to design and implement only the most cutting edge IP CCTV solutions including HD megapixel technology.

Due to the quality and accessibility of surveillance solutions our IP CCTV designs can be utilised to optimise security, work place productivity, health & safety and for lecture capture.

Our IP CCTV designs aim to provide unparalleled playback image quality and situational awareness which can be viewed via an intuitive, feature rich yet easy to use software platform.

Our IP CCTV solutions aim to provide evidential quality evidence that can be retrieved, archived and quickly distributed.

IP Surveillance is rapidly growing in popularity due to its ease of installation, flexibility, and low cost of ownership. Solutions are centrally managed and can integrate seamlessly with other IP security systems to provide total end user security control.

DWM’s IT and Security professionals have the knowledge and experience to design and implement the right IP CCTV solution to fulfil your requirements.

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