Clevertouch Interactive Touch Screens

Clevertouch Interactive Touch Screens – Sahara Accredited Partner

Clevertouch interactive touch screen devices reimagines how technology can enhance, reform and reinvigorate a meeting or presentation space.

By utilising the very latest in touchscreen technology, coupled with a specially designed Android user interface, the Clevertouch Pro range, designed for commercial use, is simple and engaging to use.

The built in Android Operating system allows you to present and annotate presentations and documents without the need for a separately connected PC or laptop, vastly reducing setup times or connectivity issues. If you did want to connect a peripheral device, the multiple inputs of various formats, and the built in wireless presentation facility means you will be covered for all eventualities.

The bundled software which includes LynxPro, Clevershare and Montage means you will always be ready to connect, present, annotate and save regardless of which format your device is.

The Anti Glare screen ensures even your presentation can be seen in the most demanding of environments, and the 4K screen will display images to perfect crystal clear accuracy and ensure your presentations are seen in the best light.

With an optional built in PC, the Clevertouch Pro becomes a powerful presentation and collaboration device, with enough power to run any demands thrown at it and enough intuitive ease of use to put even the most nervous presenters at ease.

Clevertouch interactive touch screens bring presentations to life by making them interactive, accessible, and controllable remotely, all within a corporate, sleek and aesthetically pleasing package.

Call us now on 01234 779040 to arrange a Clevertouch on-site demo or to speak to one of our specialist Consultants to discuss how we can help meet and exceed your needs.

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