Avocor Interactive Displays

The Avocor F series of interactive touchscreens offer true tablet-like functionality and performance, with an integrated Windows 10 PC to provide functionality, familiarity and performance enhancements over other brands.

The Avocor F series has been created with InGlass screen technology, allowing for a more responsive, consistent and smooth writing experience like no other. Supporting up to 10 points of touch, the screen is x5 more responsive than other screen technologies available on the market, meaning no more waiting for the ink to catch up with the pen.

The InGlass technology is accurate enough to recognize the difference between the tip of the included passive stylus, your finger, or fist, allowing multiple operations without having to stop the workflow and change settings or pointer options.

An Intel Quad Core processor powers the built in Windows 10 PC, allowing users quick and easy access to a familiar working and presentation environment. You have the ability to wirelessly access, manage and create content, use familiar software packages, browse the internet and gain access to thousands of apps available through the Windows store, all in a safe and familiar environment.

The Avocor F series is perfect for both education and corporate environments, due to its embedded Windows 10 machine providing an almost non- existent learning curve, robust build and unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness. Call us today for an onsite demo and to discuss your solution with our Consultants.

Call us now on 01234 779040 to arrange to speak to one of our specialist Consultants to discuss how we can help meet and exceed your needs.

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