Audio Systems

However, we do not wish to simply provide an audio system with the loudest sound and most impressive-looking equipment. Rather, we aim to provide an audio system that is user-friendly, provides a crisp and clear sound, is professionally installed, and is specific to the client’s needs.

Here at DWMTS, we remain at the cutting-edge of technological advancements in audio, whilst always ensuring that our customers gain exceptional value for money.

We have unrivalled experience in installing a range of audio systems. From small mobile all-in-systems and high-end audio switchers, to multi-radio microphone large-scale hall installs and multi-room audio systems, we are experts in the design, implementation, training, and use of all audio systems, whether custom designed or off the shelf. We always ensure that the customer receives the best possible audio system according to budget and use, so all of our systems are easy to use and custom designed to meet your exact specification.

We can also integrate wireless microphones and speakers into either a from-the-ground-up newly installed audio system or an existing audio system. From a single wireless microphone and receiver, to a multiple radio microphone setup, we offer a range of solutions by paying close attention to your needs.

By ensuring that all equipment is sufficiently installed, tested, and commissioned, you can be sure of receiving a solid, robust, and reliable wireless system. All wireless equipment is placed on a free-to-air frequency (863-864.999MHz) which will incur no licence charge and remain free from interference from mobile networks.

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